Types of Disaster


Earthquake is an unexpected and rapid shaking of earth due to the breakage and shifting of underneath layers of Earth. Earthquake strikes all of a sudden at any time of day or night and quite violently. It gives no prior warning. If it happens in a populated area, the earthquake can cause great loss to human life and property.


Tornado is one of the most violent storms on earth. It seems like a rotating and funnel shape cloud. It expands from the thunderstorm to the ground in the form of whirl winds reaching around 300 miles per hour. The damage path could move on to one mile wide and around 50 miles long. These storms can strike quickly without any warning.


Flood is also one of the most common hazards in the United States and other parts of the world. The effects of a flood can be local to a neighborhood or community. It can cast a larger impact, the whole river basin and multiple states could get affected. Every state is at its risk due to this hazard.

Water Damage

Water damage has a huge effect on your home, its neighborhood and your city. It is very much necessary that you should prepare for water damage. You must know what should be done during and after water damage.


Hail comes into existence when updrafts in the thunder clouds take the raindrops up towards the extremely cold regions in the atmosphere. They freeze and combine forming lumps of ice. As these lumps can be very heavy and are not supported by the updraft, they fall off with the speeds of about 100 km per hour or more. A Hail is created in the form of an enormous cloud, commonly known as thunderheads.


Wild forest areas catching fire is a very big problem for the people who live around these areas. The dry conditions caused several times in the year in different parts of United States can increase the possibility for wildfires. If you are well prepared in advance and know how to protect the buildings in your area, you can reduce much of the damage caused by wildfire. It is everyone’s duty to protect their home and neighborhood from wildfire.


Hurricane also like the tornado is a wind storm, but it is a tropical cyclone. This is caused by a low pressure system that usually builds in the tropical. Huricanes comes with thunderstorms and a counterclockwise spread of winds near the surface of the earth.

Winter Freeze

Winter freeze storms are serious threats for people and their property. They include, snow, frozen rain, strong winds and extreme cold. Many precautions have to be taken in order to protect yourself, your family, home or property.


Lightning is a much underestimated killer. Lightning is an abrupt electric expulsion which comes from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth followed by an emission of light. Lightning is a common phenomenon after heavy rain and can also occur around 10 miles off from rainfall. Most lightning victims are people who are captivated outdoors in summer during the afternoon and evening.


Volcano is a mountain that has an opening downwards to the reservoir of molten rock towards the surface of earth. Volcanoes are caused by the accrual of igneous products. As the pressure caused by gases in the molted rock becomes intense, the eruption takes place. The volcanic eruption can be of two kinds, quiet or volatile. The aftermaths of a volcano include flowing lava, flat landscapes, poisonous gases and fleeing ashes and rocks.Read on to know more on types of disasters.